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Reviews for Ionic Pro Turbo

Average Customer Review: (4 Reviews, with an average of 3 out of 5)

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  1. On May 23, 2011  from GA wrote this review:

    i bought the product from the fingerhut catalog,i used it,it smelled aweful{offensive} for about two mths.the smell went away and enjoyed it for another two mths.then the read clean light came on,so i read all of the instructions and cleaned and dried the lil feller,then plugged it up again.,nothing,and never came on now resides in the junk shed.and i have never been so disappointed in a $170.00 and don't waste your money...a real dud

    Rating: (1/5 stars)

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  2.   from ID wrote this review:

    I have read years ago in Better Homes article that this product and all Ionic claiming products are totally false. These do not work only decieve you to believe they are working by trapping dirt from the normal air on the metal parts. It does not really clean the air though. These are spendy save your money and buy a powerized one with a filter that actually works.

    Rating: (5/5 stars)

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  3.   from CT wrote this review:

    Ugh...these units will work for a few months, then the thin wires inside will simply break, making them useless. We went through 3 of these units within a year. We purchased two units (and they are very pricey) We returned the one unit that broke to receive a refurbished replacement. The wires broke off in the replacemen unit as well. About a month later, the other unit we purchased did the same thing. Wires broken off for no reason in the 2nd unit. We didnt bother getting a replacement. Why bother to send it back and spend more money just to get another replacement refurbished unit that will just break again? Bear in mind all we ever did to these units was to follow the instructions to a T and clean the grids. The units were never even moved and cleaning the grids has nothing to do with the wires inside the units. Now we have three dead, very expensive ionic units sitting here waiting for a dump pickup. I even emailed customer service to let them know how unreliable and flimsy these purifiers were. No response. Save your money and buy a regular unit that uses the filters. In the longrun you will save money.

    Rating: (1/5 stars)

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  4.   from pa wrote this review:

    I got this for Christmas and I have to tell you, it is wonderful. We have meny pets and the Ionic Pro seems to make the air smell better, if that is possible. When I clean it, it is pretty simple and without the hassle of having to buy filters. It must be working because wehn I clean it, it is full of this gray gunk and hair which I assume is dust and dander from all my animals. It is definetly worth it!

    Rating: (5/5 stars)

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